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How Often Should I Pressure Wash My House?

When you want to give your house a facelift sometimes all you have to do is have it pressure washed. Doing this can remove dirt and grime that seems to have become a permanent part of your home. Power washing can really provide you with amazing results but it is not a household cleaning chore that you do on a weekly basis. It requires quite a bit more effort than smaller home maintenance tasks. So, you may be asking the question, “How often should I pressure wash my house?” The answer to that question is largely dependent on your situation. This is because there are some situations that should prompt you to pressure wash your home.

  • When you are about to put your home up for sale

It is common to catch up on all of the maintenance tasks for your home right before putting it up for sale. Doing these things makes your home look as good as possible and helps potential buyers feel good about making a purchase. Power washing your house is one of the tasks that can have the biggest impact. It can help your house go from looking dingy and dirty to looking fresh and clean. It can significantly boost the curb appeal which is an essential part of getting people to look at your house.

  • When you are about to paint the exterior of your home

If you are planning on painting the exterior of your home you need to pressure wash it first. As previously mentioned, it will remove dirt and grime from the surface of your house. Pressure washing will also help removed paint that is cracked and peeling. This is important because painting over cracked and peeling paint will leave you with a sub-par finished product. It will also negatively impact the longevity of the paint job. Start with power washing your house and you will end up with a higher-quality, longer-lasting paint job.

  • When your house starts to look dingy and dirty

There are a number of environmental factors that can impact the frequency with which you need to pressure wash your house. So, there may be times when you want to pressure wash it earlier than you initially planned. If you notice your house looking dirty or dingy then it is a good time to have it pressure washed.

  • When it has been over a year since the last pressure washing

What happens when you go for an extended period of time without encountering any of the situations mentioned above? Then you can simply have your home pressure washed on a set schedule. Once per year is a good place to start. You may not think your home looks dingy or dirty but you may just be accustomed to how it looks.

Getting your home professionally pressure washed is a great way to bring new life to the exterior of your house. It is a relatively quick process that can transform your home. Get in touch with TNA today to request a free quote.

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